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Overmolded Deutsch Connectors for Mobile Equipment

Turck is expanding its Deutsch offering with the LED 12 VDC and 24 VDC 2-pin style Deutsch DT overmolded connectors. Designed for the mobile equipment industry, these overmolded connectors feature an integrated LED circuit on the wedgelock, allowing for multi-direction troubleshooting indication. Rugged contact design ensures longevity in demanding environments, while the overmolded design, TPE jacket, and IP67 rating provide additional reinforcement, abrasion, and oil resistance in a ready-to-use solution.

Part numbers for the LED variants are as follows:

  • DT06-2S-2125-*M/LED24V
  • DT06-2S-2125-*M/LED12V
Deutsh Connectors

Turck has also released the first of a new series of DTM Deutsch overmolded connectors. The newly designed 3-pin offering provides an ideal solution for mobile equipment and oil and gas applications, where environmental factors such as shock, vibration, cold temperatures, moisture, and oils can affect performance.

The DTM series features the same environmentally robust advantage of the DT connector series, but is intended for smaller wire gauge and lower current applications.

Part numbers for the DTM series are as follows:

  • DTM06-3S-2303-*M

  • DTM04-3P-2303-*M

  • DTM06-3S-2303-*M-DTM04-3P

Download Catalog Pages - Deutsch Connectors for Mobile Equipment (B1101) [PDF, 0,47 MB]

Download Press Release - Deutsch Connectors for Mobile Equipment [PDF, 0,23 MB]